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Friday, April 27, 2012

All that's New with Me

So I know it's been awhile since I have written, but honestly I just needed to catch up with life and get ahold of myself.  There has been so much "good" happen and a few "bad" things, so here is the run down.

I'm SO excited to tell you that I joined Team in Training (TnT) and I will be raising $1250 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and in the process training for the Akron 1/2 Marathon.

I will be running a 1/2 MARATHON!!  I never in a million years thought I'd say that, but I decided it's now or never.

I bought a NEW treadmill and I have used it when the weather has been less than favorable- which has been often lately.  It was so nice for a few weeks and now we are getting cold, wet, windy days.  I have been trying to up my miles.

This Sunday I will run a group run with other TnT members.  It will be my first ever group run.  I am very excited.

So, now for the not so good.  My boss and I have not seen eye to eye lately and have been butting heads. I am frustrated and ready to leave my job because of it.  I hate feeling that way and I would have resigned if I wasn't the one making most of the money in my family.  I am just frustrated that we don't have the same goals and views in our line of work and we can't seem to agree to disagree.  The one person who seemed to keep us all kosher has just resigned for a different job.  It makes me sad because he was a friend and also a buffer between the boss and the rest of us.  Things will just not be the same and quite honestly I am sure it will only get worse from here.  I'm stressed about it and I'm just worried about the future.

Today when the boss and I had it out over the phone I eventually wore down and just let him vent.  After he was done I hung up and immediately had the thought that I couldn't wait to get home to run out my frustration.  I was so startled by my thoughts!  I want to RUN out my frustrations????  WHAT???  Before I would have grabbed a bunch of food and gobbled it up.  Now I am turning to running?  I'm so excited about this happening.  So you see- Something good came from something bad.

There- I made lemonade with the lemons!

So on to bigger and better things..... and hopefully more blogging in the future.