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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Some Ramblings of Life

I wanted to title my blog: "Blog or Sales Pitch?" but then decided that I had more important things to share.  However, here is my one vent for today: I'm personally not enjoying that some blogs have turned into sales sites.  I used to read blogs because the writers' lives interest me.  (eek...that makes me sound like a stalker!)  Now, some blogs I go to sound like horrible movies that have too many product placements.

Every post seems to have some cheesy way to bring up the "item" they are OBVIOUSLY getting paid or product compensation for every time someone uses their link to buy the item.  It's just annoying.  Don't get me wrong, if your blog is mainly about life and the sport you participate in and then every once in awhile you link something that you might get credit for, that's cool.   I get it, you want to make a little off your writing skillz!  I'm talking about the blogs that have it in every post and write about nothing else unless it can generate them $ or product.  I write because it's my secondary release (only to tri!) and even if it bores you, it's all raw and it's all me!  I guess I just need to find some new reads!  OK, daily vent DONE!

This last week I went to a fundraiser that had Christmas Trees up for auction.  I wanted this one, but the starting bid was $125, and well, I don't have that much!  I love upside down trees for some reason.  Not all of them are cute, but this one was beautiful!

I am no good at decorating!  I need some interior help.  Maybe it's because I have 3 kids, but my house has no style.  Oh well, I guess I'd rather spend my money on some new Tri gear!

My oldest helped me make some motivational magnets for our fridge.  I loved that she wanted to help because then she was reading every one of them and asking what it meant.  This led to some great conversations about working hard and not giving up even when you want to.

Last week I went ahead and renewed my USAT license.  My oldest was sitting next to me when I did it and asked about it and then asked me if she needed one....yep!  You do!  So, I went ahead and signed her up too!  I told her that meant that she couldn't back out of doing one this summer now.  She seemed really excited about being "official!"

 When driving to work the other day, there was a beautiful sunrise going on.  I love the big orange ball in the sky.  Nature is what truly keeps me going when I'm out for a run or on my bike.

I am not very excited for the snow to be flying, but I know it's coming.  I love snow when it's all white out and untouched.  Once I get this boot off, I may try to get to the metroparks for some runs.  I used to never like to run in the cold, but I think it might be time for me to get used to doing that!

The sun is now setting here and we are getting ready to head to our town's Christmas parade, which of course, hands out candy!  UGH!  No more candy in my house!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Kind of Famous

While driving to work this morning listening to the radio, the morning show hosts were asking the question, "If you could meet any celebrity...."  Actually I think their question was a little more X rated, but you get the drift.  It's funny though because I started thinking of who I'd want to meet and all those that came to mind were "famous" triathletes.  They may not even be "famous" by most standards...  

I have never been a "celebrity" follower.  I don't think if you showed me a picture of the most famous of famous celebrities that I could name more than 10% of them.  Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise maybe.  But that's about as far as it goes.  I certainly don't know the difference between Hillary Duff, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.   Do you?

I think the reason that I didn't care much for following celebrities was because most of them were arrogant, money grubbing, fame seekers.  Now, before you get all freaked out and email me hate messages telling me that you have full knowledge of celebrity XYZ and they aren't like that, please know that I realize that there are probably some wonderful examples of celebrities that aren't like that.  My problem is more that they get paid MILLIONS to act immature and spend $ on ridiculous things that any normal person wouldn't even consider spending their hard earned money on.  Why would I look up to them?

I realize that my idea of someone famous is really more of someone I feel has figured out what it means to be looked up to and acts accordingly to share their love of what they do.

Why am I talking about this today?  Well, I just read Swim Bike Mom's post about her meeting and Mc-ing the Andy Potts event at All3Sports.  Who is SBM?  Seriously, if you don't know and you are are female triathlete, you need to check her out.  Become a SBM Army member! 

Anyway, watching Andy Potts and how he handles being "famous" is so inspiring.  He truly believes it's his duty to give back to the sport and to share the passion with others- not to tell others why he is so much better than them.  

In Swim Bike Moms's Blog, she mentions something that Andy says.....  

 “In five years, no one will even know my name. I have absolutely no reason to not be nice to everyone. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there is no disadvantage I see to being kind and taking time with people.”

WOW!  How impressive is that?  The truth is, his legacy will live on past that 5 years if he truly accepts that he may not be famous forever.  He will be remember as the athlete that didn't think he was better than everyone else, be on top forever, and was untouchable.   He will be remembered as the athlete who had so much passion for his sport that he was willing to share that passion with everyone at every level.  THAT is my kind of famous.  THAT is someone I want to look up to.  THAT is someone that I want to idolize.  

Forget movie actors throwing away millions like it's pocket change, forget the big TV sports stars who gloat in the glory, forget singers and bands who party so hard that they cancel shows.

My celebrity crushes comes in the form of little known athletes who work hard for little pay because they LOVE what they do and do it to inspire others.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Defines You?

I've had to do some soul searching these last few weeks.  Things have continued to be pretty chaotic.  I don't know if I get the "winter blues" like others claim, but I long for a sunny bike ride or even a swim outside.  I know these don't exist in Ohio during the winter months and that makes it even harder to get through all of this "stuff" going on.

I hate being in a funk!
Wish my funk looked more like this....

  The next Dr. appointment I have is on the 3rd of December with a sports orthopedic.  We'll see if that gets me anywhere closer to where I need to be.   I keep trying to tell myself to be patient, but if you are an athlete, you know how hard that is!

Personally, I think the foot thing has caused all of my other "funk" because my release, my stress relief, my "me" time is my running, swimming, and biking.  I feel so depressed without those things being part of my life.  It's no fun sitting at home stuffing my face with food.  I swear!

So why the soul searching?  Because I need to define who I am and who I want to be.  I want so badly to set my racing calendar for this next year, but I don't even know when I will be "healed" enough to be IN a race, let alone race!  No matter how long this takes, I do plan to be back for the summer...even if it's late summer.  :)  I'm a planner and without being able to plan my next season, I'm LOST.  I need to do some soul searching to remember who I am without my S/B/R obsessions.  What am I even without a race calendar?  I have to remind myself that there is a lot more to life than S/B/R.

I do have 3 beautiful children...

A husband (who hates pictures!)

I do love the life I have aside from my S/B/R time.  I just want to feel the connection to the sport even if I can't race.  None of my friends participate in triathlon, so I guess I should just settle for those that run and go cheer them on!  I applied to a  "Team" but so far have not heard back.  I think getting to know others that have the same passion as I have would help me to feel the connection I miss while I wait out this foot thing! 

I just keep reminding myself to ....

Just keep moving forward!  Even it it's not while swimming, biking, or running.  

How do you define yourself when you can't be defined as an athlete?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just One Month

Happy belated Halloween!

(Bonus points to anyone who knows what super hero my oldest chose to be!)

These monsters helped us to gather the largest collection of calorie laden candy one could ever hope for- unless you're me, and then you just hope that they eat it quick before you dive into the bowl for some candy triathlon practice.  You know, the Snickers, Milk Duds, and Tootsie Roll triathlon!  

Here's the stash I'm trying to ignore daily:

The bowl is about 1' deep- it's one of those large black plastic cauldrons

Now that Halloween is over my husband and I are focused on the next Holiday at hand.... Christmas Thanksgiving.  You'd think that the stores forgot that Thanksgiving is BEFORE Christmas.  

I absolutely hate shopping with all the crazies in a busy store, so I do try to get my shopping done early.  The year I was prego with my last I decided being 9 months pregnant and shopping was not a good combination and I had all of my gifts bought before December 1st.  He was born the 15th and I was completely ready for Christmas!  It was so nice that I've continued to do the same each year since.  My hubby and I had the chance to shop sans kids the other day and got about 80% of the kids' gifts bought either in the store or online.  

Thankfully, my mom does Thanksgiving at her house, so there is not much for me to do to get ready for that holiday.... I just go an gorge myself on my mom's home cooking.  Did I just say that????

Not much has been happening at our house except the changing of the seasons.

I do have a small update one my foot.  Ok, it's probably a big update in terms of change.

As mentioned before, my PT wanted me to be in a boot if things weren't improving.  Long story short, I finally have the boot on and will need to wear it all day, every day for 1 month.  Just one month.  I'm only on day 1.5 and I'm already tired of it!  UGH!  Just get better stupid foot!!!!!!

The long story of how I finally got the boot-
The PT decided it was time and had me call a sports Dr. to get an appointment... their next available is December 3rd.  I told PT I didn't want to wait that long.  She called the Podiatrist who originally saw me... she is on vacation for a week and and half.  I called the "Best" ortho I was sent to who said he'd write a prescription.  He did, but it took 2 days!  I finally got it and since the only medical supply store near by is only open during hours I work, I sent my hubby to get it.  He presented them with my prescription and my insurance card and they told him I had to be there to be "fitted."  Angry, I took off a 1/4 day of work to go there.  I got there when they opened and when I handed them the SAME insurance card, they told me they don't accept my insurance and the boot would be $189.  I walked out.  I called my PT who helped me call around looking for some other place that would have it.  She finally said that our only option was to order it and my insurance would only cover about 1/2.  I mentioned that I saw them on Amazon and wondered if they were the same thing.  She looked them up and was astonished- they were.  she told me to just order on there and I was able to get what I needed over-nighted for $40- LESS than I would have paid even if my insurance covered the one at the supply store!  Crazy. I had the boot the next day and was able to order the correct size based on a shoe size chart.  I found multiple youtube videos about how to correctly wear it.  My PT is going to check it on Tuesday when I see her.   

I just love the whole medical/insurance process don't you?!  I guess I should just be glad that I do have insurance and that it is generally good insurance.  I am thankful that I have had the benefits I need the last few months.  

So I'm ending day 2 of 30-some days.  Wish me luck.  So far my foot doesn't hurt as much, but my ankle sure is sore from getting used to walking in this thing!  

Here's to 1 month of a clunky boot.  Anything to get me closer to being back to training!