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Monday, February 20, 2012

Starting again and again and again

So I hope that this is the first of many posts.  Today is day #1 of getting back on track.  Too many things have happened in the last month and sadly I just didn't stick to it.  I think I tried to start off to quickly with exercising after having my baby.  This week he is 9 weeks old and I am finally back into my daily schedule.  I think that will help tremendously.  I need a schedule to keep myself busy, but it also means that I need to work really hard to find ways to get my exercise in.  Yesterday I had a date with Billy....Billy Blanks the Taebo king.  I bought a new DVD with hand weights.  Today I took a short jog outside.  I know I need to get more in, but I want to start slowly and I just need to do a little even if it doesn't seem like I'm doing much.

I have several topics for this post, but frankly there is too much to include in one post.  Look for upcoming posts about the following:

1.  Running in COLD weather (at least I consider it cold!)
2.  Being allergic to running (hives and all)?
3.  Sticking to a plan and not giving up when you slip up
4.  Running shoes; do I really need a special fitting?
5.  Signing up for races
6.  Finding time for exercise
7.  What to eat when the family is eating out


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