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Friday, June 6, 2014

The First Triathlon of the Season- Deer Creek Tri

I signed up for several HFP race series races this season and the first was to be at Deer Creek Lake in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.  I knew that we were headed to somewhere near Columbus and we could visit some friends down around that area.

We left Friday night after work and got to the lodge at Deer Creek around 9:45pm.  It was a 3.5 hour drive for us.  The Lodge needs a lot of updating and our room was less than stellar, but it was a place to sleep.  The kids were tired and cranky, and frankly, so were the parents.  My husband was going to meet a friend to see a movie and I put the kids right to bed.  We were getting up early the next morning so the oldest could do her first ever Du.  She wasn't sure she could swim in a lake yet, so I've only signed her up for Duathlons this season!

In the morning I found out that to get to the site of the race we had to drive 15 minutes.  I was under the impression from the race website that the lodge was AT the same location....not very helpful.  I got the kid to the transition area and we picked up her packet, set up her bike, explained everything, and then went back and picked up everyone else.

I could tell she was really nervous and we tried to explain everything as best as we could.  She tried to keep her mind off of it while we waited for the bigger kids to get done. 

Every once in awhile I saw her tearing up and I told her she would be fine.  Eventually it was time for her race.  There were only 5 or 6 kids doing the Duathlon anyway.  Here are a few waiting for directions.  

Once they all lined up, they were off!!

The younger kids had to run 1/4 mile first, bike 3.1, then run 1/2 mile.

She was back before she knew she was gone!   

  And Finished!

And won First Place in her age group (8 year old girls)

This is the finisher's medal:

And here are both medals:

After the kids race we packed up and went back to the lodge to change and get something to eat.  After eating we spent the day walking around the Columbus Zoo.  It was a hot day and I was exhausted from being on my feet.  I knew that I wouldn't get good sleep that night either.  We took a tour of the bike course for my sprint tri and I got a little freaked out about the hills and rough roads.  I knew I was in for a hard sprint tri for my own race the next morning.

The next day we woke up super early and got to the race site.  The hubby wasn't very happy having to get 3 kids ready and down to the race site that early, but having to drive there was the only option.  I managed to get into my wetsuit and down to the water.  I was afraid it was going to be cold, but it actually wasn't too bad.

The start was almost on time.  I had a major freak out once we got started.  I'm not sure why...  I know how to swim well.  I think I probably should have practiced an open water swim, but with the cold winter, there are not many options right now!!  It took me a good 250yards to get my breathing under control by doing breast stroke and some floating.  I was so mad at myself.  I spent the rest of the time passing everyone who had gone past me.  At the 600yard mark I finally caught up to the guys from the previous wave and then had to pass them.  I managed to get out of the water was a crappy time and up on land feeling horrible.

My hubby was watching for me though....and took a picture.

You can tell I was pissed off!

I got on my bike after a crappy transition and promised myself that I wouldn't crash my bike and that I was going to finish no matter what.  Once on the bike I felt slow and tired.  My legs hurt and I felt like I was out for a slow roll.  I barely managed to hit 15mph.  The hills killed me and the chip and seal roads sucked my energy.  People were passing me.  I don't think I passed anyone.  I was frustrated.  I knew my bike time was going to suck.  I just wanted it to be done.  I got back into transition without crashing and went out for my "run" which was more like a fast walk.  My legs were stiff and sore.  Really?  I know I trained for this.  Why does it feel like I didn't?  Further more....where is my family?  I finally saw my husband's van when I was at the turn around of the 5K.  I told him to head back into the park but I saw him stop at a different parking lot and knew he wouldn't make it back in time.  I was angry about that too.  I finished.  My time was horrible.  My place was horrible.  It was my slowest tri ever.  EVER.  The only thing I can say about it was that I learned that I need to put in a lot more training and that I probably shouldn't expect to do any sightseeing the day before!  Lesson learned.  

I started this post off with a lot of cute pictures of my daughter's Duathlon because I consider that the highlight of my weekend.  My race was not my best race and certainly did not feel good.  I'm happy I finished and didn't give up.  I saw lots of inspiring people out there doing what they do.  I'm glad I CAN race.  I just want to work harder so that I can do as well as I think I should.

Less than 2 weeks until my next race- my first Olympic Tri.... eek!  I really hope I got some better training in! 

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