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Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Weight

Yesterday I achieved something great and I forgot to mention it!  I had my precious baby on 12/15/11.  He's a perfect baby.  He rarely cries and sleeps for 4 hour blocks of time at night and I constantly think to myself that going from 2 to 3 has been MUCH easier than I imagined.  In fact, dealing with the older two has been harder on me!  

So what have I done that is so important??  I have officially LOST all of the baby weight.  I can't say that my weight that I carry is "baby weight."  I was 180 before getting pregnant and yesterday I weighed in at 179.8.  YAY!  I have never had a problem losing that which I gain while pregnant.  I don't tend to gain a lot anyway.  I'm usually really sick and then towards the end I just don't feel like eating much.  After having my babies the weight seems to fall off because of breast feeding.  I can't say that it's easy to keep off once I stop breast feeding, but I'll take what I can get to start my progress!

So while some of you are throwing daggers at me for saying that it's "easy" to lose my baby weight....  please know that I have weight to lose yet that piled up LONG before I had any of my babies.  The most I ever gained with any pregnancy was 25 pounds.  This last pregnancy I gained 24 pounds.  Those are the "easy" pounds to lose. However, it's the 35 pounds I found in high school and college that I can't seem to lose!!!

That's my news and that's what I wanted to share.  At least I have a good start.  Now I just need to keep it going.  :)

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