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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Fun Run and one helluva a taper!

Well, after last weeks events, I am finally back to training.  5 days off is one helluva of a taper huh??  I am not really sure how those 5 days off will effect my half marathon next weekend.  I'm not very knowledgable in training and tapers. Anyone out there have any thoughts on my "take 5 days off 2 weeks off before a 1/2" un-plan?  Yes, it was unplanned and unexpected, but it freaks me out.  I was really hoping to get in another 12 mile long run in last Monday.  Should I do another 12 mile run this week or should I do my planned taper run of 8 miles?  I have no idea what to do.  I ran 6 miles last night to get back into running after the 5 days I did NOTHING exercise related.  Today I swam and then run-walked a 2-mile fun run with big little.

I have to say that spending time with oldest daughter doing something that I LOVE really means a lot to me.  I rarely spend time with each child alone, so when we do have something planned, I really enjoying seeing who they truly are.

Here we are before leaving home:

The run was a knock-off color run.  The run was called, "Color Your Life" and was a small community run in a town near us.  With registration we got a white t-shirt for the run and then a grey shirt with the logo as well.  The run was not timed and was only 2 miles.  It was for anyone 5 and older.  My oldest has asked several times to run a race with me, so I thought this was perfect.

As you can see above, we made cheapo tu-tus and got into the fun.  She was so excited and we had a blast.  Here is big little after all of the fun...

And the picture she took of me!

 Us together....

Big Little using the fan to blow the color off!!!

I can't explain how much spending time with my children means to me.  The fact that I was able to share something I love with her means the world to me.  These little moments are the things that I want her to remember for the rest of her life.  I saw this today after we got back and it is SO true!

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