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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Tomorrow is the Glass City (Toledo) Marathon and Half Marathon.  I signed up for and trained (minus the 5 days my son was sick) for the Half!  Throughout this week the news said it would be 60 degrees and partly cloudy.  YAY!  Then this morning those losers meteorologists changed their minds and said 60 chance of rain in the morning.  REALLY??  UGH!  I hate running in rain.

Today I get to go pick up my race packet/bib and I'm overly excited because when I ran my 1st half, I got into town too late and didn't get to go to the expo.  Someone else picked up my packet for me.  I've never been to a race expo.  Is it silly that I'm excited?  I mean, it's Toledo, Ohio.  I'm sure it's not that big of a deal.

If it's not raining, my hubby is planning to bring the 2 oldest kiddos out to see me run past in the park.  They can play on the playground while they wait for me.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a Race Recap and news of a PR...  I'm hoping I trained enough to have a better time than my first half.  I am 30 pounds lighter too, so that should count for something right?

Here are my ABC goals-

C- PR: faster than 2:46:10 or a pace of 12:41 per mile
B- faster than 2:37 or a pace of 11:59 per mile
A- faster than 2:30 or a pace of 11:27 per mile

I realize that for some of you, these times are incredibly slow.  Some of you may even do a whole marathon that fast.... sorry.  I'm still improving!  Honestly, finishing is an accomplishment for me.  I just feel like I've put in some good runs to hopefully get a PR for myself.

I pray that no one wants to ruin this race day for runners.  May we all have a safe and easy run!

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  1. i would like to say 'hi' before the race, email me and we can plan something out

    if not, good luck tomorrow