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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Get to Know Me!

Today included a VERY painful shot (or shots) of cortisone in my foot.  4 weeks ago we hoped that I wouldn't have any more pain.  2 weeks ago the pain started coming back.  2 days ago it was getting so bad that it hurt to walk on it.  The foot doctor said that this attempt would be the last before she recommended surgery to remove the nerves between those metatarsals.  PRAYING that it works this time!  What's going on.... read here.

While I wallow in self-pity, please let me share with you 5 posters that will help you get to know me better!

While I work very hard, I am horrible at keeping our house clean.  Some days I wonder if someone will call Hoarders on me... so I just start throwing EVERYTHING away.  In fact, I just did this at work today and took 2 huge garbage cans of papers and catalogs out of my office.

I have a very hard time being "OK" with being the slow one.  I am pretty competitive, so it's taking me awhile to be proud of my times for my runs/triathlons.  I know I will never WIN a race and for some stupid reason, I'm ashamed of that!  Because, you know, the other 10,000 people also running just to finish are obviously looking and me and wondering why I'm not the winner?!?!

I have three kids and while I can't stand when they are loud, I also know that silence is not golden.  Silence is bad, very, very bad!  My kids are devious and manipulative and there is no one else to blame but their parents... if you know who they are, can you let me know so I can have them arrested???

This happens to me all too often.  My life is SO hectic all of the time that when I don't know what to do with myself, I stress about what I am missing.  If I don't have something to do on my calendar or I'm running early, my first thought is that I forgot something or I'm missing a meeting I'm supposed to be at.  The sad part- most of the time, I'm right!!!!

I'm a school administrator and this year has included having to say, "No, we don't have money for that," too many times to count.  Sometimes I think it's ok to say that, but I also have been asked for things that I know our teachers truly need and I still have to say no.  It makes me incredibly sad and frustrated that schools suffer so much in the funding department when there are other entities that seem to have an overflow.  If you would like to challenge me and tell me that schools waste money, I offer to let you sit in my office with me for just one week....or rather, not sit in my office, but follow me around while I help cover classes for a teacher who has another duty, clean up messes, sit in government mandated meetings, and run around ensuring that the safety of our students is being handled at every minute of the day.  While I'm sure no school or agency is perfect with EVERY dollar, I can say that our teachers work so incredibly hard- weekends, week nights, and summers included.  We do the best we can with 30 students in one class that all have different needs and levels.  The next time you want 30 of your child in one room for 7 hours a day, you let me know!!   I LOVE my job, but I hate that we struggle to meet the needs of our students due to financial constraints.  

So... maybe these don't tell you my whole story, but they all spoke to me for different reasons.  I'm keeping it real.  

Happy Camel Day everyone!


  1. Great getting to know you! =) I love the boxtops for prisons idea ;)

  2. I hope your cortizone shots work! Too bad your doctor didn't add the numbing agent to them, then they wouldn't have hurt a bit. I always ask for that, (though I've only had 3 shots).
    I am going through a bad foot injury myself, and I find out in 2 weeks if surgery will be needed to correct it, so I totally feel your pain! I wish us both fast (surgery free) recoveries!!!

  3. Love it. You're so right that children are mischievous when quiet.
    And as a former teacher, you're so right about schools and money...I won't get into the waste of paper and stamps our administration out here has (and with calling themselves paperless, it irks me even more).

    If you feel like it, stop on by my blog...