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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Eating to Train

My blog title is really what I WANT vs. what I am writing about.

I recently posed a question to my facebook groups asking for recommendations for books that may help give me that ah-ha moment that will spur me to eat better.  If anyone has a good suggestion- please share it!

My eating habits are dismal.  What does that mean?  Here is a quick rundown:

1.  I don't eat ANY veggies.  I mean 0, zip, zilch.  I even go so far as to pick out the green things in my pizza sauce.  Why?  I don't know.  I've tried to understand my issue.  I think it's mostly textures that cause me to not like them.  I've tried them.  I've tried cooking them, steaming them, covering them in cheese, etc.  I just can't.  I've even tried juicing, but I already had it in my mind that I don't do veggies.

2.  I don't care for most fruits.  I can eat apples- only if they are peeled (the texture thing- I hate peels!) I can eat some bananas- usually if they are covered in sugar and milk.  I do like strawberries- again, if they have sugar on them!  I just have a hard time eating straight fruits.  I don't crave them.

3.  I love eating weird combinations of horrible, horrible for me foods.  I love to have a bowl of brown sugar and then dip peanut butter in it.  I also melt chocolate chips and marshmallows together.  I'm really good at making fake cookie dough.  I love to mix brownie mix and eat it before baking.

4.  I don't enjoy large meals, or meals at all.  I'd be happy just eating the things I mentioned above all day.  I have done that before.  I just go from one thing to the next and never have a "decent" meal.

So, why?  Why is it so hard to break these habits?!  

I want so badly to be fit.  I've lost almost 35 pounds by counting calories since January 1st.  The horrible truth is that while I've lost weight, I did it by going hungry because I ate 1200 calories in peanut butter and sugar.  Trust me, those calories add up fast. If I could eat decent food, I'm sure I'd feel a lot more satisfaction.

I want to train for a 1/2 and eventually full ironman distance event.  I know I can't do that on chocolate marshmallows.  I need to get my diet corrected.  The fact is, I've gotten to a place where I'm no longer concerned about losing weight from my eating, I want to be FIT.  
This is AWESOME.  I never imagined I'd be in this place mentally.  I always thought that until I got to my goal weight that I would "diet" to lose pounds.  Now I'm to a place mentally where I know that I still have some to lose, but I'm more interested in being fit and healthy with muscles rather than counting every pound I lose.  A big Woooo Hoooo... but how?

This is what I ate today....and I feel BLAH!

Tano's and DQ!

I read a blog post from someone else and it really hit home.  When I was obese I used to hide my eating habits because I was embarrassed.  I hated when I had to be with thin co-workers who could have a bowl of candy in front of them and not touch it while I was grabbing piece after piece.  I hated being the "Eater" of the group.

Now that I thin-er and trying to count calories, those same people sneer and roll their eyes when I order water and push the chips and salsa away at our night out while they drink multiple beers or margaritas and down chips plus a meal.  I'm equally embarrassed having to be "on a diet" around them.  They just don't know how hard it is to be that person who needs to work at it.  

I always feel like I put a damper on everyone's evening or lunch date.  I am the party-pooper.  It's a horrible feeling.  I feel like I'm the black sheep no matter what side of the fence I'm on.

I guess if I'm going to be the black sheep, then I might as well learn how to eat to train for something they all think is crazy- an ironman!  

So, as I read back through this post, I realize that I have 2 issues grinding away at me.  I am tempted to go back and alter and focus the post, but I think these are two very important issues to explore for me.  More blog posts to follow on these topics.  

Anyone have any recommendations for either of these?!?  PLEASE?!


  1. My eating habits can be really bad too. Or I do really well for a week then drop the ball and ruin it in one sitting. :(

  2. I suggest checking out "Racing Weight" by M Fitzgerald (try the library first, then Amazon second). I am warning you, it is a very DRY read but it is really informational about how to eat as an athlete.