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Friday, December 27, 2013

How Did December Go By So Fast?

Every year I spend lots of time preparing for December, Christmas, and all that goes along with it.  Every year, it's over before I know it.  Here we are again, at the end of December and I don't know how it went so fast.  As I was preparing to do this post, I went through all of my December pictures to figure out what I could post.  NOW I know were December went.  Here is our December in review:

We went to the Zoo lights- our zoo, the Toledo Zoo, decorates every inch on the zoo with lights and animation.  The kids love it....daddy looks like he is really enjoying it too!

My son turned 2 in December (on the 15th) so we had a party in early December.  He wanted dinosaurs!  Roar!!!!!

My oldest daughter was in a school musical, Melton the Warmhearted Snowman.  She is the reindeer on the far right side.

Then we had the Christmas dance recital for both girls....
(Red Dress and Red Skirt/black shirt)

It snowed a lot (this was mid-snow....we got more than what you see!) one weekend... The kids had fun playing in it.

They played so hard, the boy fell asleep sitting up next to me!  (ignore my nasty hair and no-make up mommy look!)

Then, Christmas happened.... a lot!

Then the after Christmas "Mom, open this, play with me, help me, do this with me" begging started!  And so, we did crafts, played games, dressed dolls, dressed ourselves, and had a great time!

I decided that I had fully met my mommy duties, so I sat down to decide what race would be my first this year.  I loved the Glass City Half Marathon last year (even if it was in the pouring rain!) so I signed myself up before the rate increase!  Time to get back to the action.  I'm hoping my foot holds up!

 Though my son has never seen Home Alone (at least he has never paid attention to it) he seems to do this face whenever we ask him to say "cheese" and I don't know why.  I'm SURE he is thinking, "Mommy signed up for ANOTHER race?  What is she thinking!"

 Merry Christmas to ALL to and ALL a good new year!


  1. Love your photos. My son Connor shares the same birthday as your son but he turned 10. Happy New Year

  2. Sounds like an excellent December!
    I'm planning on running the Glass city half, too! I should sign up while it's still so cheap!

  3. Looks like you guys had a good Christmas!