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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Some Ramblings of Life

I wanted to title my blog: "Blog or Sales Pitch?" but then decided that I had more important things to share.  However, here is my one vent for today: I'm personally not enjoying that some blogs have turned into sales sites.  I used to read blogs because the writers' lives interest me.  (eek...that makes me sound like a stalker!)  Now, some blogs I go to sound like horrible movies that have too many product placements.

Every post seems to have some cheesy way to bring up the "item" they are OBVIOUSLY getting paid or product compensation for every time someone uses their link to buy the item.  It's just annoying.  Don't get me wrong, if your blog is mainly about life and the sport you participate in and then every once in awhile you link something that you might get credit for, that's cool.   I get it, you want to make a little off your writing skillz!  I'm talking about the blogs that have it in every post and write about nothing else unless it can generate them $ or product.  I write because it's my secondary release (only to tri!) and even if it bores you, it's all raw and it's all me!  I guess I just need to find some new reads!  OK, daily vent DONE!

This last week I went to a fundraiser that had Christmas Trees up for auction.  I wanted this one, but the starting bid was $125, and well, I don't have that much!  I love upside down trees for some reason.  Not all of them are cute, but this one was beautiful!

I am no good at decorating!  I need some interior help.  Maybe it's because I have 3 kids, but my house has no style.  Oh well, I guess I'd rather spend my money on some new Tri gear!

My oldest helped me make some motivational magnets for our fridge.  I loved that she wanted to help because then she was reading every one of them and asking what it meant.  This led to some great conversations about working hard and not giving up even when you want to.

Last week I went ahead and renewed my USAT license.  My oldest was sitting next to me when I did it and asked about it and then asked me if she needed one....yep!  You do!  So, I went ahead and signed her up too!  I told her that meant that she couldn't back out of doing one this summer now.  She seemed really excited about being "official!"

 When driving to work the other day, there was a beautiful sunrise going on.  I love the big orange ball in the sky.  Nature is what truly keeps me going when I'm out for a run or on my bike.

I am not very excited for the snow to be flying, but I know it's coming.  I love snow when it's all white out and untouched.  Once I get this boot off, I may try to get to the metroparks for some runs.  I used to never like to run in the cold, but I think it might be time for me to get used to doing that!

The sun is now setting here and we are getting ready to head to our town's Christmas parade, which of course, hands out candy!  UGH!  No more candy in my house!!!!

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  1. I agree with the blogs turned into sales sites. Mine is (and will remain) a family blog. Sure, I might talk about some products that I like or that I want to tell people about, but not going to be a sponsored blog. Though, I will also admit that I would love to get paid to write (which I love doing!) lol.