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Monday, March 5, 2012

Anything else want to invade my house?

This crappy non-winter winter can shove it!  I'm so tired of illness!  With warm, non-winter like weather the germs have invaded our house like it's their job....well it probably is their job.  Four weeks ago we started with pinkeye.  That was finally taken care of.  Three weeks ago, my oldest came down with the flu on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a puke and poo fest.  She was better by Tuesday for school (Monday was a holiday).  The following weekend I got the flu on Sunday night.  I was miserable.  I was doing SO WELL on my diet and exercise plan.  I was decently better by Tuesday after taking Monday off.   I lost 6 pounds because my body voided itself of everything.  Too bad once I was feeling better I continued to eat everything I wanted.  BAD idea!  Now I need to start over.  This last weekend my oldest came home from school with a 102.2 fever on Friday night.  By saturday my two younger ones had it.  It was a miserable weekend for them all.  Oldest is better today and back to school,  I'm home with the younger ones.  The middle child is free of fever, but baby B is still fighting with a 100 degree fever.  BLAH!  GO AWAY SICKIES!

So, here I am, up a few pounds, not exercising, and trying to comfort my babies.  Life takes hold sometimes and brings me back to my reality and my excuses.  I'm a mom first and a person second sometimes.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can move forward.

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