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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still have Sickies!

 So oldest little is still sick.  When she got home from school she was sporting a 102 fever again.  I spent 2 hours of my time tonight to take her to urgent care because her doctor is away at a conference.  The urgent care doctor says it's a sinus infection and is close to, if not already, the beginning of pneumonia.  She was given some antibiotics and I have strict instructions to call our Doctor on Friday if she wasn't remarkably better.  She is still miserable...

....and apparently not impressed that I was taking a picture of her for this!

When I got home from urgent care and getting her medicine I got a big hug from middle little and realized that she felt warm too.  I took her temperature and low and behold, it was 102.3.  GREAT!  I should have taken her to urgent care too!

Thankfully she fell asleep with some Motrin and I can check her again tomorrow.  
Lovely, just lovely!

So far, the only one not sick in our house is little man....
He is as happy as can be!

Hubby and I both have sinus infections, but hopefully we can recover without meds.  We'll see.
I did manage to get a 2-mile run in tonight by pushing little man in a stroller (NOT my favorite way to run... it's not a jogging stroller!)  I felt very selfish because I made oldest little wait for me to finish my run and shower before I took her to see the doctor!  I just knew that I needed to get it in before going.  Urgent care isn't the quickest place to go and it would have been dark out before I got back.... I was right!  Call me a horrible mom, but she has been sick a full week, what's 30 more minutes!?

I know 2 miles isn't far, but I'm just starting back out and I don't want to hurt myself by starting out too fast.  I wanted to do 3, but I felt guilty and stopped 1 mile early so we could get to the doctor.  

Here is what I have run so far:
Saturday- 2 miles
Sunday- 3 miles
Monday- rest
Tuesday- 2 miles

I'm just happy to be back to it!

Oh, and I've lost a total of 12.2 pounds in addition to all of my baby weight!  Yay!!!

Well, it's time to make sure the sickies are well into dream land and that little man is ok.
Hopefully tomorrow will = less germs in our house!

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  1. I hope all of your littles are all well and happy. Nothing wrong with 2 miles...2 miles laps everyone on the couch!!! I hope you are still finding time to get some running in and that it is going well!!! :)