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Monday, December 31, 2012

In all my glory!

As embarrassing as this is, I'm going to post my BEFORE pictures so that I can say there will be a during and an AFTER.  I can't believe how gross my stomach area is.  Even my back has rolls.

 I guess those of us who need to lose weight need to start some place.  I hope this eventually is inspiration to all of you.

Yes, tonight is New Year's Eve.  I'm staying home and I will probably be in bed by 12:01pm  The only reason I'm staying up is because my oldest thinks it's important.  Tomorrow (or tonight at midnight) it officially becomes her 1/2 birthday.   Because her birthday falls in July, she has to celebrate her 1/2 birthday at school (which ALSO falls during winter break!)  Either way, she thinks it's important and we have to stay up until 12:01 to celebrate the new year and her 1/2!

Due to my child's 1/2 birthday, I have been charged with making her "birthday treat" for school.  YAY!  (*Please sense my sarcasm!)   Lucky me, she has decide that she wants HELLO KITTY Cake Pops.  Oh JOY!  Let me tell you... I'm not a great baker and I'm even less of a cake pop maker!  Tonight was my second go-round attempt.  Lets hope all the trials get eaten before my new life officially starts at 12:01am.  :)

They didn't turn out that horrible:

They sure look more appealing than the pictures above!!!  

We do need to find a smaller candy for the nose, but other than that they are pretty good for me.   For those who aren't dieting yet... the cake is RED VELVET.  My favorite!  YUM.  

I hope you are all drinking some delicious calories tonight and enjoying the last evening of 2012.  

Tomorrow is a NEW day and a NEW me!

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