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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oral IV review

*Taken from their press packet

I recently had an opportunity to try a new(er) hydration aid and jumped at the chance.  As many of you know, I hope to someday train for a 1/2 and Full Ironman.  I am currently working towards my 4th 1/2 marathon and I have thought a lot about finding something to drink that would help keep me hydrated because I'm not really a fan of drinking my calories with the sports drinks that are available.

I am also a VERY picky eater and I'm a little scared to try new things- especially new flavors.  What if I spend a lot of money on something and then don't like the taste?  This has kept me from ordering something.

Oral IV offered me samples of their product if I would, in turn, write a review.  I am in no way being compensated for this review other than with the samples that were sent.  You should probably know that I am a very skeptical person and I would never fabricate my thoughts or experiences.  If I don't like something, I'm going to tell you.

I received the Oral IV package in the mail this week and it was perfect timing because I had a long (for me) bike ride that night, a shorter run (4 miles) scheduled for the next day, and then my long (12 miles) run on the calendar for this morning!

The packages had 4 tubes of the Oral IV in it.  

The information recommended either adding the tube to 16oz of water or consuming it by itself before, during, or after physical activity.  

Additional information given via email explained that Oral IV was not a hydration replacement- meaning that the volume of water needed during activities should still be consumed and that Oral IV should be used in addition to that volume of water.  

What's in it you ask?  "crystalloid electrolytes and purified water"

Sounds good to me!  Also good- There is no flavor.  I'm not a fan of many flavors.  When I run, bike, or swim I generally want water and I dislike that most drinks that have electrolytes in them also have flavor.  While I figure that Oral IV may eventually add flavors....I'm good if they don't!  I hope they always keep the no-flavor option!  

Since I still needed water during my bike ride and runs, I chose to mix it with my water and I couldn't taste a thing.  I did not drink it directly, so I can't comment on that, I but I didn't smell anything upon opening it.

I added it directly to my bike water bottle and 16oz of water for my Thursday night ride.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to notice a difference.  I'm mean, really, I'm not sure I notice a difference when I'm drinking a sports drink or taking a Gu.  

I added it to my bike and I was off.  I left at 7pm and I was hoping to get 1.5-2 hours in on my bike before it got too dark (slight miscalculation on my part since I forgot that it's starting to get dark earlier!)

Verdict:  This ride was the FIRST time I had ever used all of my drink while out.  I manage 23 miles in just over 1.5 hours.  I felt great and I didn't seem to wear out at all during my ride.  Aside from it being dark, I could have kept riding.  For some reason I just felt more energy.  Fluke? Wishful thinking? Placebo effect?  I don't know.  We'll have to keep trying it to see if I still feel this way.  We all know we have good rides and bad rides, good runs and bad runs right?

Less than 12 hours later my alarm went off for my 5am run.  I needed to get in 4 miles before work.  I HATE morning runs.  I hate getting up, I hate trying to get my legs moving.  I added Oral IV to my water bottle and headed down to the dread mill.  Generally I have to run 2 miles before I feel "good" while running.  I don't know why, I just know it takes that long for me to warm up.  I got my 4 miles in.

Verdict: I had a GREAT run less than 12 hours after riding 23 miles.  The first mile flew by and I realized that I felt good the whole time.  I didn't need my usual 2 mile warm up.  The run was unusually painless and easy.  Another coincidence?  Only a long run will tell.

This morning I got up and added (2 tubes) Oral IV to 32oz of water and then poured that into my fuel belt bottles.  I purposely bought a fuel belt for this run because I was worried that someone would pick up my bottle if I stashed it along the way (YES, this HAS happened recently!) and it was supposed to be hot and humid this morning and I wanted to make sure I had water the whole 12 miles!

Verdict: I had a GREAT run this morning.  I never really hit my wall until the very end and that has more to do with training than hydration.  I never cramped up though.  I was able to keep my pace and I could really tell when I took in water that I seemed to feel better afterwards.  I also noticed that though I sweated profusely (like so much that it looked liked I had stood in my shower fully clothed- too bad I didn't smell that way!) that once the sweat dried on my skin on the way home, I wasn't wiping away salt crystals.  Interesting!  I generally can see the salt build up when I run.  Not today.

So, can I say that Oral IV was the complete reason that I had great rides and runs?  Probably not, BUT I honestly think I will need to be purchasing some soon.  I don't want to run out any time soon.  I generally will just go with whatever is there, but I think I have found MY new and permanent hydration aid.  I am impressed with my short term results.  I plan to update you once I use the other 4 tubes for long runs/rides.  I'm personally a little worried that I won't get more in time when I need them next!  I liked the results THAT much.  I never thought that hydration was anything more than just drinking enough water.  Now I know that there are things out there that will help your body preform better.

If you are looking for a hydration aid and you don't want the sugars, stimulants, etc. that are found in sports drinks, you MUST check out Oral IV.  

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  1. Interesting. Might have to look into that a bit more =)