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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just One Month

Happy belated Halloween!

(Bonus points to anyone who knows what super hero my oldest chose to be!)

These monsters helped us to gather the largest collection of calorie laden candy one could ever hope for- unless you're me, and then you just hope that they eat it quick before you dive into the bowl for some candy triathlon practice.  You know, the Snickers, Milk Duds, and Tootsie Roll triathlon!  

Here's the stash I'm trying to ignore daily:

The bowl is about 1' deep- it's one of those large black plastic cauldrons

Now that Halloween is over my husband and I are focused on the next Holiday at hand.... Christmas Thanksgiving.  You'd think that the stores forgot that Thanksgiving is BEFORE Christmas.  

I absolutely hate shopping with all the crazies in a busy store, so I do try to get my shopping done early.  The year I was prego with my last I decided being 9 months pregnant and shopping was not a good combination and I had all of my gifts bought before December 1st.  He was born the 15th and I was completely ready for Christmas!  It was so nice that I've continued to do the same each year since.  My hubby and I had the chance to shop sans kids the other day and got about 80% of the kids' gifts bought either in the store or online.  

Thankfully, my mom does Thanksgiving at her house, so there is not much for me to do to get ready for that holiday.... I just go an gorge myself on my mom's home cooking.  Did I just say that????

Not much has been happening at our house except the changing of the seasons.

I do have a small update one my foot.  Ok, it's probably a big update in terms of change.

As mentioned before, my PT wanted me to be in a boot if things weren't improving.  Long story short, I finally have the boot on and will need to wear it all day, every day for 1 month.  Just one month.  I'm only on day 1.5 and I'm already tired of it!  UGH!  Just get better stupid foot!!!!!!

The long story of how I finally got the boot-
The PT decided it was time and had me call a sports Dr. to get an appointment... their next available is December 3rd.  I told PT I didn't want to wait that long.  She called the Podiatrist who originally saw me... she is on vacation for a week and and half.  I called the "Best" ortho I was sent to who said he'd write a prescription.  He did, but it took 2 days!  I finally got it and since the only medical supply store near by is only open during hours I work, I sent my hubby to get it.  He presented them with my prescription and my insurance card and they told him I had to be there to be "fitted."  Angry, I took off a 1/4 day of work to go there.  I got there when they opened and when I handed them the SAME insurance card, they told me they don't accept my insurance and the boot would be $189.  I walked out.  I called my PT who helped me call around looking for some other place that would have it.  She finally said that our only option was to order it and my insurance would only cover about 1/2.  I mentioned that I saw them on Amazon and wondered if they were the same thing.  She looked them up and was astonished- they were.  she told me to just order on there and I was able to get what I needed over-nighted for $40- LESS than I would have paid even if my insurance covered the one at the supply store!  Crazy. I had the boot the next day and was able to order the correct size based on a shoe size chart.  I found multiple youtube videos about how to correctly wear it.  My PT is going to check it on Tuesday when I see her.   

I just love the whole medical/insurance process don't you?!  I guess I should just be glad that I do have insurance and that it is generally good insurance.  I am thankful that I have had the benefits I need the last few months.  

So I'm ending day 2 of 30-some days.  Wish me luck.  So far my foot doesn't hurt as much, but my ankle sure is sore from getting used to walking in this thing!  

Here's to 1 month of a clunky boot.  Anything to get me closer to being back to training!


  1. Wow. Good luck with the boot!

  2. Ugh, sorry about the boot. I shop for Christmas year round so I'm usually completely done by now. I've got 2-3 more gifts to buy and I'm through.