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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Look

So, I got board with my blog's appearance and I decided to change things up.... little did I know that I would lose some of the things I had on my "old" template.  Not all of my blog roll transferred and I have no idea if those following me will find my new blog!  I'm so sorry!  I guess I should have worked to understand it a bit better before doing it.  Oh well.  I guess you learn by making mistakes!

Earlier this week I found out that I WON the most recent round of our fitness challenge at work.  We have to measure inches lost, weight lost, and then activity.  While I know I am doing well on my own, I never expected to win!!  I get a gift card as a prize.  I don't know to where or how much, but I could care less.  Since when did I EVER win anything fitness-wise?!  Pretty cool!

Nothing blog-related, but my new (leased) van hit 999 miles last night on the way to swim!

I timed a 750 yard swim (not official or serious by any nature!) to see about where I would end up if I did sign up for a triathlon here soon.  I wanted to see if I was any where near coming in last!  The good news is that for just starting back at swimming, I'm not doing too bad!  The bad news is that the swim will probably be my best of the 3 sports involved in the tri!  I think I will do OK on the bike, but the run is not my strong point.  I'm not anywhere near where I need to be time wise.  Who can help me get faster?!  I know nothing about increasing my speed.  I run fast runs and easy runs on my 'mill, but my fast never gets faster!

Monday night I had to take my oldest to cheer practice.  It usually works out that I can walk the hallways of the church for the hour and I get in a good 4-5 miles.  This last Monday, I had to bring my 3 year old with an attitude.

She sat in the jogging stroller, but wanted nothing to do with being pushed around.  See her lips pursed here?  She is just about to tell me that I never listen to her.  She wanted to sit and watch practice... fine, but I was going to walk.  NO, she wanted me to sit WITH her.  UGH!  I only got about 20 minutes in before she had a complete melt down.  I ended up going home to run 4 miles.

This week I am going to try Zumba that is hosted by my oldest's dance teacher after dance class on Thursday.  Saturday will be my "long" run and then Sunday is swimming day again.  Sunday evening I leave to go to Columbus for a work conference that will last until Wednesday.

I've been back and forth in my mind about how I will sustain my diet while there.  It's not going to be easy, but I would hate to gain back the weight I have worked so hard to lose.  I know I can use the hotel gym and will do fine with that.  Eating is my biggest concern.

I need to formulate a plan now... gotta go work on that.


  1. So much to comment on:
    - I like the new look
    - Congrats on winning the fitness challenge at work, that is awesome!!
    - Ha, I can not confirm or deny that I have pulled over to the side of the road to take a pic of my mileage turning over
    - Now that your swim test was successful, next post is about how you signed up for a tri?? (I know I am a pain, just trust me on it)
    - How to get faster, in your first season, consisency, consistency, consistency should be the goal of the year (actually this should be your goal for every season), hitting all your workouts. As time go on, you will get stronger and faster, you just have to be consistent with your training

  2. Done!

    And yes, I had pulled into the parking lot and was sitting still when I took the pic of my odometer. I can't confirm or deny that I have done it WHILE driving before though!!!