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Friday, February 1, 2013

One Month Down

I never make resolutions, partly because I know I'll never keep them.  My resolution is usually to lose weight....which I never do.  Or if I do, I quit and gain it all back in a few weeks.

This year is different.  Along the way of becoming a "runner" I realized how much better I felt just being active.  Being active is something I can do at 190 pounds or 130 pounds.  Of course I hope that being active helps me lose weight, but honestly, I just enjoy seeing myself accomplish things I never imagined I could.

My resolution this year is simple, yet measurable.  My resolution:
Be purposely active everyday!

I added purposely in there because I could always say that walking from my car is being active.  No, I mean that I choose to do some sort of exercise purposely everyday.  Walking, swimming, running, cycling, playing a game like basketball, hiking....

I have completed 31 days of being active.  I have done something active every single day.  I feel great and I have lost some weight.  I did gain a few back when I had a bad binge, but I am working on getting those off again.  I did much better today and I am happy to say that I am starting month #2 of being active.

I feel better about myself and I enjoy finding new ways to be active.  Not everyone is supportive of this idea though.  Recently I worked late (*read: past my contracted hours) to get some extra work done.  I had to watch an hour long webinar.  Rather than sitting on my duff doing nothing but staring at my computer, I decided that I should walk on the treadmill while watching.  I took my laptop to the fitness room and plopped it on to of the treadmill and got on.  I was walking at a 3.8 mile pace and watching my webinar.  No one else was in the fitness room.  After I left, I found out that someone was telling everyone else that I was "working out during my work day."  #1) it wasn't during my work day, #2) I was still working anyway, #3) wouldn't my work be happy that I am getting healthy so that I can save them insurance money anyway?  It makes me angry for so many reason that his person had an issue.  I guess next time they'd like to see me sitting at my desk with a latte in my hand with my eyes half shut staring at my laptop.

I found this online somewhere but I didn't think to get the I'm sorry to the person I took it from!!  It's an awesome reminder that I should focus on being healthy and the weight will come off on it's own. If I focus on losing weight, I will like not get very far and I won't be healthy.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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