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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Uneventful Week but one good run!

I don't have much to post about.  It has been an uneventful week that ended in an ice storm.  This means that school was closed yesterday...  which is great, except I still have to go into work when we close.  Oh well!  I got a lot done without many interruptions.

Last night my hubby had to go to a work "meeting" where they really just took him and his co-workers to dinner.  He got home at 9:30, which means that I didn't head downstairs to run until 10pm!  I did manage to clean the house, bake cookies, and wash some kid laundry while he was gone.  I felt like Holly Homemaker!

I was supposed to run 3 miles and when I got on the TM I felt great so I told myself I wanted to see what my 5K time would be.  Then, since I'm slightly OCD (no, really, I think I am!) I couldn't stop at just 3.1 miles- I figured I better finish at 4.  I absolutely hate stopping a anything odd like 3.1 or 3.23.  Anyone else like that?  We could trade "I think I'm OCD" stories!  Anyway (apparently I'm also ADHD- where was I??)  I managed to get a 5K in 35 minutes, which is faster than any 5K race time I've clocked.  I finished my 4 miles in 45 minutes.  I know some of you are reading this thinking REALLY?  11 minute-ish miles and you are happy??  BITE ME!  I'm slow and I know it!!  However, when I started I was running 14 minutes miles (probably closer to walking than running!) and to get to 45 minutes for 4 miles is PROGRESS for me!  I'm working on getting faster and I am happy to see I am getting better.

In other news... I've lost 20 pounds since Jan 1st!!!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!  I'm so happy and feel so much better.  I have 29 more to go to get to my ultimate goal and only about 10 more to go to get to my lowest adult weight ever.

My family is heading to this place today:

To hang out with my older sister and her family.  We have been neglecting family time and the events I experienced in January made me want to make more time to get together.

Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on your recent weight loss! That's wonderful. I'm a little OCD about certain things too so I can relate. You're right around my pace and I don't think we are slow at all.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and the faster running times. Slow is the new fast