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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Frist Tri Experience

Today I had my first Triathlon experience.  I signed up for today's mini indoor tri after my friend asked me to consider it.  My friend is old enough to be my dad.  Mike was the middle school principal at the school district I was hired into 6 years ago.   Mike has since retired, but we keep in touch and have lunch once in awhile.  He is like a father to me and an all around good guy.  Mike is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it.

Mike asked me a few months ago to sign up.  At 59 years of age,  Mike is very active and has a personal trainer.  He is the kind of guy who tries things for the heck of it and he loves challenges.  Here's an action shot of Mike that I don't have permission to post... but, well, too bad!

My family drove up to Lansing, Michigan yesterday and enjoyed some family time last night.  This morning I got up and drove to the Howell aquatic center for the triathlon.  This indoor tri is set up to be just 20 minutes of each activity.  You earn points depending on your distance for each of the three events.

Mike and I were in the first heat of athletes and we swam first in the pool pictured above.  I'm mad that I didn't take my own pictures, but there was a photog and they started posting pictures... I'm hoping there is more later.

I did a great job on the swim and decent on the bike (spin bikes) and then we had to run around a gym floor.  I was lapped several times running and though I felt ok, I just don't know how to speed up!  Oh well.  My goal was to finish and that's what I did.  We didn't stick around for the awards because I wanted to take my family to the science center in Lansing and well, I didn't figure I'd win anything because it was my 1st time and my running is horrible.

I enjoyed the day and headed home (2 hour drive) around 3pm.  Mike called just as we walked in the door to our house to tell me that we had BOTH placed 2nd in our age groups.  WHAT???  Me??  2nd??  I couldn't believe it.  There were only 2 people in Mike's age group (but he still did awesome!) and my age group had 9!  I realized that our heat was the first of the day and must of had a lot of die-hard tri-atheletes in it.  I still can't believe I won an age-group award.  Too bad we live 2 hours away.  We didn't stay around for the awards and if we want them, we have to drive back up there.  Probably not going to ever get them, but still cool to place in my first ever experience.

Now,  I do realize that this indoor tri probably had a lot of first-timers or people who just wanted to participate in something fun.  I know this isn't a serious event.  I don't care- I'M STILL PROUD of us!

I'm hooked!


  1. Welcome to the club, Triathlete!! And taking a podium spot on your first race is even sweeter!! Congrats!!!

  2. Great job Michele! Congrats on placing in your first tri!