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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two months down!

I have officially made it through 2 months of my resolution!  My resolution is to be active every single day.  I realize now that it would be nice to have worked in some rest days every now and then, but I'm sticking to it.  I have just made the days I need rest more like "play" days where I just don't use the extreme intensity that I normally would.  For instance, the days we went to the waterpark, I didn't really exercise, but I know I burned extra calories going up the steps of the slide and by swimming in the
river, etc.

Here are my kiddlings having some waterpark fun...

Middle Little with her "attitude with a smile" face

Little one playing in the water

And Big Little finally being brave enough to go down the kid tube slides this year!

Anyway, here is my month list of activities:

This week has been somewhat crazy.  Tuesday we had another ice/snow storm come in.  I managed to swim that night anyway.  I was surprised the pool stayed open.  The pictures below show the freezing rain that came down...but it was flopping back and forth at 31, 32, 33, and 34 degrees so that evening it really all turned to ice and was a mess on my driveway and then snowed on top of it before the next morning.  YUCK!

Gotta love Ohio weather!!  I'm ready for running seasons (spring, summer, fall!)

Wednesday I got in a 7 mile run and then Thursday the dance teacher cancelled classes so I ended up going to swim again, but this time my oldest wanted to come with me.  I knew she wouldn't let me swim as much as I wanted, but I also knew that she REALLY wanted to spend time with me.  I decided it was a good trade off and well worth only getting in 1000 yards before just kicking back and forth with her for 45 minutes.

Friday, I was a good wife and set up a man-date for my husband and his friends.  I know he doesn't get to go out much with his friends anymore and I also ask a lot of him and take a lot of time for myself to exercise and work.  I decided he needed to have time for himself.  Several of his friends came up from C-bus and down from MI to meet him.  They had a great time.  (The pink purse is of a friend who met up with them- a girl who acts more like the guys than the guys do- and I mean that in a "she would kick someone's A$$ if she had to" kind of way!  She is an awesome friend and cares so much for all of these guys.)

I got the kiddies to bed and headed down to my bike trainer from 10-11pm.  At least I managed to get something in!  I actually had to go to 11:02pm because I wanted to finish the last mile to make 15.

Tonight I got in a 6 mile run and tomorrow I plan to swim in the morning before church.  I am feeling great and I love that I can run, swim, and bike for an extended period of time without feeling like I am dying!

I'll be updating the pictures for the month soon.  I look so much slimmer and I'm so proud of the work I've done.  I can't say I'm eating well.... but I count all of the calories.  Some days I eat 1200 calories of JUNK.  I have to work on that yet.  One thing at a time I guess.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun post, it is always nice to get out with the family for some active fun in the water, in the middle of winter in Ohio

  2. Great job staying active! It sounds like 2013 is off to a great start for you.