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Monday, September 16, 2013

One Foot In Front of the Other

I've haven't been great on posting, but mainly because I haven't been doing much.  I was looking forward to having a race coming up and thought that would help motivate me.  Next Sunday is the 1st Detroit Women's Half Marathon on Belle Isle Detroit.

I'm pretty excited to be running another 1/2 marathon with some friends.  I have been keeping up with my training plans and doing some decent long runs.  I wish I would have gotten 1 more 12 mile run in, but things got a bit busy and I ended up doing 3 10 mile runs and only 1 12.  Oh well...such is life right?

A few months ago I started having pain in my right foot.  I've been updating what's been going on when I get new here goes!  At first my doctor thought it was a stress fracture and did a x-ray.  The film did not show anything so they scheduled a bone scan.  The bone scan did not show anything, so my doctor referred me to a podiatrist who diagnosed a Morton's neuroma by way of locating pain.  I was given a round of oral steroids and two rounds of cortisone injections....  the first few weeks I seemed to have less pain (I know now that this is probably because of the oral steroids rather than the injections.)  After 4 weeks I went back and explained that the pain was gone for 2 weeks, but came back with every day of exercise.  I was given the second round of cortisone 2 weeks ago and had NO relief because I wasn't taking any oral steroids.

Last Friday I was sent for an MRI and today I was called with the results.  

Strained/torn peroneal tendon. 

I was told that she would start with an injection into the tendon and offered an appointment on Wednesday.  I asked the doctor if could I run on Sunday after an injection.  She laughed and said, "If I tell you no, will you listen?"  I of course told her no and she quickly offered me an appointment the Wednesday AFTER my race on Sunday with the promise that I would STOP running if I felt any sharp pains.  She knows me well!  When she set up the appointment for NEXT Wednesday I asked if I would be told to rest and stop training and her response was, "We'll talk about that when you come in."  Unfortunately she said it in a really sly, almost laughable tone that told me that she planned to sit me down and tell me that I HAD to stay off it and that I would have to stop all of my non-pool training.  :(  

I guess at least this is the "off" season for me.  I plan to run Sunday and then seriously consider what I need to do to heal so that I can focus on my goals for next year.  The hardest thing for me is the feeling of not doing enough.  I always get into funk if I feel like I can't exercise at my hardest.  I fall off my diet bandwagon and get depressed.  I am going to try to focus my energies on strength training through the rest time I'm ordered.  Gotta find my "guns" under my batwing arms!!

That's the update.... I guess I'll know more next Wednesday.  Expect a race report before that though!  Gotta get it out of my system.  :)

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