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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pride and Pain

So I finally hung my medal hanger that I MADE from scratch!  I think it looks pretty darn cool.  I cut out words/phrases that inspired me from magazines (took me ages!!) and modge-podged them on before adding all the hardware.  Pretty sweet!!

So now, the not so sweet-

I have finally scheduled a doctor's appointment for this morning.  I've held off as long as I could.  :(  I really hate to go to the doctor for any kind of pain because sometimes I feel like it must all be in my head.  I know if I finally get convinced to go, it must be getting  pretty bad.  I'm going on two weeks now of pain in my lateral part of my right foot on the outside.  Plantar Fascitis?  Fracture?  Inflammation of the ?  Who knows.  All I know is that it started hurting after a few longer runs and I have iced it, taken advil, and nothing has helped.  I know, I know- REST... but there is no rest for me!

I think that's partly why I don't want to go to my doctor.  I know he will tell me to rest it.  I don't want to stop training.  The bad part?  I do some training with his wife!  EEK!  If he tells me to rest it, she will  know and maybe tell him I am not doing what he told me??

Anyway, I'm really hoping he can just tell me that it's an inflammation and give me some meds and send me on my way.  We'll see.

Yesterday I was going to run outside, but this is what the sky looked like:

so I opted to run in our school fitness room for staff:

Nothing amazing, but it's free and it's there!  Too bad they are done cleaning that building and the thermostat read 80 degrees since the AC was off.  You can see the open windows in the picture.  Since it had stormed outside, the temp had dropped to 70 and the wind was blowing.  By the time I left the room, the thermostat read 76.  WIN!

I sweated it out for 4 miles until my foot felt almost numb from pain... and I really mean sweated:

Gross!  I know!  But, I love that I can knock it out and sweat that much.  To me, it feels like I'm kicking butt during the workout.

Today my friends whom I convinced to sign up for the Women's Triathlon are meeting me to do a practice tri.  We will be swimming in a friend's pond, biking around a few blocks, and then knocking out a 5K.  Woooo!!  Let's hope my doctor has good news for me...otherwise I may have to pretend I never talked to him since his wife will be tri-ing it with me today!!  Lots of swim~bike~run~fun~

Happy Thursday everyone!

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