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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in the Game!

My Pity Party is over.  The thing is, it was all self induced and so easy to break out of.  I was feeling sorry for myself when really, I should have just reminded myself why I started all of this in the first place.

Anyhow, my hubby had a minor surgery on Friday to ensure that there were no more “surprises” in the baby department, but you would of thought that he went through three 12 hour labors and pushed out a few kids by the way he was acting.  He stayed in bed for 2 full days asking me to wait on him hand and foot up his a$$!  

After my post on Saturday I worked to get baby T to nap and then I told hubby that I was going out for a ride on my bike and that I’d have my cell phone with me if baby T woke up.  I decided I’d try my new clip-less, clip on shoes/pedals.  (I’ve read WHY they are called clip-less, I get it, but it’s still stupid!!!) 

I hopped on my bike and took off in the beautiful sun.  The wind was a bit stronger than I thought it would be, but I managed to keep a decent pace (for me) and returned home after 49 minutes and having ridden 12.5 miles.  I checked on lazyman hubby and the girls who were watching a movie with him in bed.  Baby T was still sleeping so I changed shoes and headed down to the mill for a solid 3.1 miles to finish a good brick.

Yay!  RUT over, no more pity party, feeling better.  I’ve stuck to my diet for 3 days straight, had some great work outs- including a good 6 mile run yesterday (on the mill- it was pouring Memorial Day rain!)  I’ve lost a few more pounds to be my lowest ever in my adult life- 156.8!  Wooooo.

What else has happened this last week?  I have watched hours and hours of youtube videos of Ironman events.  No, not the dude in the red and gold indestructible suit…  IRONMAN, the cool, crazy, endurance sport!   I have declared that I WILL finish an ironman someday. I say someday because I know I will need a LOT more time to train and with 3 young kids, it just won’t happen now.  I’m thinking:

140.6 at 40!  That’s 140.6 miles when I turn 40 years old- 8 years away.  I figure in 8 years, my youngest will be 9 and mostly self-sufficient and my oldest will be 15 and she can help watch the younger two.  Sounds like a plan- a VERY crazy plan.  But if you know me at all, you know that when I have my mind set on something, I will get there come hell or high water!!!

So before I have even completed my first tri, I’ve fallen in love with the sport and the endurance part.  I’ve never been good at being FAST, but I can be good at never giving up!  Even when things suck- like my last post- I drag myself out of it and move forward.

What really motivated me???  Someone, somewhere, posted the following:

It made me MAD!  Really?  The sign is just something a runner posts because they obviously have never tried to do 3 sports in a row.  Yes, maybe I’m just “average” at three sports (or decent at one and can labor through the rest by repeating, “I will not die.”) but what I plan to be GREAT at is the sport of endurance!  I also read in Chrissie Wellington’s book a line that says something like, “a Marathon is just the little thing you do at the END of a triathlon.”  SO THERE mean and rude runner who posted that…  I TRI everything else and the do a measly little marathon at the end!

Or…. Maybe I should just whisper that since I haven't actually done one yet!  J  Some day!

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  1. Sqeemish saying " Poooooor hubbyyyy" I get why, just the thought of having "that" done makes me shudder

    In this sport, the physical part is not the toughest part, it is the mental aspect of the sport that is the toughest part of the sport.