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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A nice day for a swim.... run....fall

Last night the pro man and women finished the World Championship of Ironman on ironman live while I pedaled away on my trainer.  The men were just starting to come in as I was sweating it out 30 minutes in and I made it to an hour waiting for them to finish like I had planned and the women were just a few miles from the finish, so I stayed on for another 30 minutes to see the top 3 finish.  What an amazing Ironman!  Lots of pros in the lead packs for much of the day.

Today I set my alarm early, intending to go to swimming... but when I got there, I saw this:

The old(er) man that runs adult lap swim during the weekends is forever hacking up a lung when he swims, so I'm wondering if he isn't having some health issues.  I hope he is ok.  

On my drive home the inner-monologue went something like this:

"Good!  I wasn't really excited about getting in the pool today... now what do I do?  I could run...nah, I need some rest.  No, I MUST do something.  Wonder if I should ride my bike again.  No, I really need to run.  I don't want to run.  I need to run.  I should run.  Maybe I should take a day off.  I need to run.  Ok, I guess I'll run.  Maybe I can get on the treadmill and watch some TV.  No, it's beautiful outside, I should run out here.  Maybe I should just take a day off.  I need to run."

ANYONE else have to work so hard to convince themselves to run?!

Thankfully my drive home is only 8 minutes and by the time I got there I had settled on at least running and probably outside.  It was a chilly 58 degrees....or so I thought.

I got dressed and sat around trying to come up with excuses for almost an hour!  Finally I went outside planning to run 4-5 miles.  Within a few minutes I was warm that I had to peel off the top layer I had on and tie it around my waist.

My neighbor's ducks were getting their swim in!  Can you see them?

The fall colors were starting to come out at the end of my road... love the changing of the leaves!

When I got to my usual running location, I was really enjoying the peacefulness of nature.

I got my 5 miles in (pretty slowly, but my foot was hurting and I just needed to enjoy my time.)  I headed home.  I got to the road near the elevator and grain silos seen in the picture above and I started running toward my road.  

I looked back quickly to make sure there were no grain trucks coming and when I did that, my left foot slipped off the side of the road an buckled sideways.  I fell and skidded across the blacktop.  Watching my foot buckle freaked me out, I had never seen it bend that way and part of me was afraid to get up because I wasn't sure if I could walk.  

I did get up and took an inventory of the pain.  My knee was scraped up and my thigh hurt from falling on it.  My left ankle was sore, but I could walk on it, so I started jogging slowly.  I made it home, but this was the minor damage:

My knee is scraped a little and red/swollen slightly.  My thigh hurts more, but I'll spare you the picture.  My left ankle is tight, but I am thankful that's all.

So much for a beautiful run!  I'm just glad I got the miles in BEFORE that happened or I might have missed my chance for one of my last fall runs before the weather turns here in Ohio.  

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