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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Swimmer Dude

Dear Guy in the other swim lane.... yes, you, guy who thinks he's stud-ly and really cool to all the little kids in the pool.

You win.  Yep, you 'da man!  You get the medal, trophy, or cookies...whatever you want.

At first I thought it was just a strange coincidence that you just happened to leave the wall at the same time as I pushed off from my flip turn.  Until it happened several times.

Then today I noticed that you were really excited after we finished our 50 yards of "swimming" (ok, mine is swimming, yours, well yours is more like flailing.)  Tonight I heard you exclaim, LOUDLY, that you "WON."  I kept swimming but I wondered to myself what you could have won while in the pool?  A scratch off lottery ticket?  No, it would have gotten too wet.

100th visitor prize?  Nope, this pool only has 7 people in it.

Then I realized you were happy because you beat ME!

The funny thing is, flailing-swimmer dude, that I was not racing you.  Nope.  Not at all.  I was on my 80th lap of the night while you had stood in the shallow end chatting to your friend about some online role playing game.  When you saw me coming, you poised yourself on the wall waiting....waiting...waiting to take off at just the exact moment so that you could "race" me.   I continued swimming at my pace unknowingly.

I'm not sure how you think it was fair that I put in several thousand yards, building my endurance, while you "raced" me, not once or twice, but multiple times with lots of rest in between your races.

See, the thing about racing, is that both people should probably have the same goal...  but it's cool.  Feel free to build your confidence and notoriety with the kiddies in the shallow end.


Annoyed with macho meatheads who always feel the need to race the girl next to them.

PS- I could totally kick your butt if I did race you.


  1. HA HA!! This is great!! So funny. This has happened to me on the TM. I have a training program that I am doing ..Minding my own business, blowing out my own run and I see some chick checking out my numbers on my TM...Really?? People are not even shy about it. The win comes from WITHIN.. Our biggest challenger should always be OURSELVES~
    But for fun..smoke him next time~

    1. Exactly! Here I am, minding my own business, happy that I got my injured, lazy butt off the couch to put in a few K's in the pool and this guy suddenly thinks he's Michael Phelps. I'm happy that he enjoys swimming, but for gosh sakes, if he wants to race, he should probably tell me. I'm on to him now... next time I'm going to keep my pace until the last 15m and I'm going to kick it in. When he finally gets to the wall, I'm going to just glance over and whisper, "I won that time." and then take off again. (Can you tell I have this all planned out for next time?!)

  2. That is funny! People are crazy!!

  3. Ha ha, I am laughing so hard because I can totally visualize that idiot in the pool! One day, you should just jump in, and say "First to 100 laps wins, so Bring IT!!!"

  4. The WOOOORST! People who try to race when you're warming up and they are doing 25s all out kill me!! Oh, the crazy people you see at the pool :)

  5. People are so ridiculous. I have to admit, I do that to my kids, but they know I'm teasing...I'm a freakishly bad swimmer. LOL

    Be Calm and Swim On!