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Saturday, October 19, 2013

OFF Season?

I guess I have to consider this the "off" season, but even as I type that, I wonder if places farther South actually have an off season?  In Ohio there are clearly months when I could run/bike outside, but refuse to since it's so freakishly cold out there. (ok, I know I'm a baby, but less than 40 degrees and I'm holed up in my PJs under a blanket!)  Swimming is absolutely out!  I don't know of any heated outdoor lap pools.  I BEGGED my hubby for a swim spa (an endless pool with a spa) but unless we win the lottery or find $30,000 just laying around, that's out too.  He did offer to let me find a sugar daddy to buy me one, but I don't have time for 1 man, let alone 2!  If anyone out there has the money... this is what I want!

My reason for this post is to mention that I'm finally at peace with "taking some time off" as my PT so kindly put it.  You see, I went to an orthopedic doctor on Wednesday who supposedly specializes in feet/ankles.  I was told he was the best in the area.  The only thing I considered him "best" at was being a jerk.  I arrived for my 7:30am appointment 15 minutes early as requested to fill out the 500 forms needed.  At 8:30am I was still waiting.  HOW can a doctor be late for the 3rd appointment of the day?! Anyway, I finally got back to see him and he looked at my foot and said, "It's just weak muscles."

I asked a few questions and pointed out the huge lumps.  He touched one and said that it was an inflamed muscle.  I explained to him that it was excruciating to drive and he laughed.  LAUGHED and said, "No."   I was so confused.  "No, what?" I asked.  He proceeded to tell me that weak muscles wouldn't cause my foot to hurt when I drive.  I agreed with him and waited for him to tell me what would make it hurt.  The doctor left the room.....

I assumed he'd come back to show me something or with something to try.  Instead, the nurse came in with a script for Physical Therapy and said, "The doctor said he'd like you to do a few sessions to strengthen your ankle.  He is referring you back to your Podiatrist for a follow-up after."

I was so angry.  My Podiatrist referred me to HIM because she didn't know what else to do for me.

I cried all the way out to my car.  I called my mom and sobbed.  "Physical Therapy isn't going to help me," I wailed!  She calmed me down and said that I should try PT.  That I should give it a shot and then if it doesn't help, they would have reason to do another MRI.

I called the PT office and I'm sure they could tell by the sniffling that I really wanted to get in to see someone soon because I had an appointment an hour later.  I went, expecting nothing.

I met with the PT who was WONDERFUL!  She "examined" my foot and commented that while she wasn't the doctor, she is glad that he checked the "at the PT's discretion" box because she didn't agree with his DX and thought that there was a lot of tendinitis and some scar tissue in there that maybe isn't healing well.  She explained everything she could do and was very clear about what I needed to do and not do during the time she is treating me.  I told her that telling me to REST meant nothing to me and if I wasn't supposed to run and bike, she needed to say that.  She said, "NO biking, NO running until I tell you otherwise."

Two sessions later and I'm in MORE pain, but I am sure that it will get worse before it gets better.  The PT did say that she was a bit concerned that I was unable to make the BAPS board move with the inside of my foot- that I should have more strength with my foot than that.

not my legs/feet

She said she doesn't want to jump to conclusions yet though and wanted to give it some time.  We'll see in a few more weeks of PT where I am at.  I'm getting ultrasounds and IO (some kind of steroid-electro thing) lots of very basic exercises that I thought would do nothing, but have completely surprised me.

In the meantime, I AM at peace with doing little, to no cardio.  I took some time off from everything, but this week I intend to start working with more strength training moves.  Why not build my arms and legs when I can't do cardio?!

I can honestly say that I finally have it in my head that this is necessary if I want to rock my tri season next year.  I am 100% sure I want to do a 70.3 and I am only going to be able to do that if I get my foot back to normal.

PT 2x per week for 4 weeks- at least.


  1. I would write a formal letter of complaint about the doctor. That is totally unprofessional. :( I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! Glad you were at least "saved" by the physical therapist. They are amazing.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this!!! But I totally understand you! Earlier this year I visited a Podiatry Specialist my Primary Care Phys. sent me to. Unfortunately, the guy wasn't a runner the first thing he said to me was "guess you should find a new sport." I like you, was ticked off and just cried. He took a guess at what was wrong and put me into a foot brace and told me I could even run in it if I wanted to.
    Well long story short, he put me in the wrong brace and misdiagnosed my injury which caused me to get worse, and prolong the injury. Finally I went to an Orthopedic Specialty Hospital and saw a Specialist that was recommended by other runners. Immediately he felt my tendon and said based on it being Hot to the Touch, he knew exactly what was wrong. He put me in a walking boot that went up to my knee and I had to live in it 23 1/2 hours a day for the past 6 weeks. He knew what he was doing and now I am on the healing end of it all. 10 months later, no thanks to the idiot Dr before! I only tell you this, so you'll go get a 2nd opinion. Even my PT told me the other day, I can only do recovery until I feel pain, any pain and I back off and take a few days before resuming again, tendon injuries in the foot and ankle are funny like that.
    Call the best running store in your community, and ask them there who is the best Running Podiatry Dr. around and make an appointment with them! That is how I ended up finding the best Dr. for me. If the running store doesn't know, reach out to a local running club/community and ask them. Runners are always willing to help out other runners!! Good luck, I am sorry for this novel! I hope and wish you speedy recovery soon!!!