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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Rough End to the Week

Days 3 and 4 will be combined.  There has just been too much going on to write as much as I would like.  As mentioned, my grandma died on Tuesday and the showing was yesterday and the funeral was today.  I spent all day the funeral home Thursday and got home around 9:30pm.  This morning we were up at 7:30 to get ready to go to the funeral.  What long days!  I also found out that a member of my church who also attended many of my grad classes with me and was my age, passed away after a car accident.  Just very upsetting news.  He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.  :(

Enough with this sad news....  I really need to stay positive and remember that God has plans for us all.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I stuck to my calorie allowance and my resolution for being active everyday on BOTH days!  Yay!  Thursday I got home and picked up my hand weights and did some strength moves.  I spent 20-30 minutes on this.  It was all I could get in, but I did get it in.  Today I did 3 miles on the treadmill.  Tomorrow I plan to go to lap swim at the local HS.

I promise more pictures and better posts in the near future.

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