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Sunday, January 20, 2013


*** I'm super angry right now because I wrote a long blog post and was about to publish it and then blogger shut down and I lost it all!  Grrrrr....

I got up early on my day off to head to the pool.  I hate getting up early, but if there is any reason for me to get up extra early on a day off, I'm glad it's for swimming.  I was up and out of bed by 7:30am.  (not super early, but early for a day off!!) and in my car by 7:45am.  I got to the school a bit early so I wasn't alarmed that the door was still locked.  Three other cars showed up and we waited, and waited, and waited for the pool manager to show up.

No one ever showed up.  I was disappointed and a little angry.  I got up early, wasted gas, and wasted time and no one was there to open the pool.  Slowly the other cars left and I was the last one.  I waited for 30 minutes and no one ever came.  It's so frustrating when you have something you plan to do in your mind and then it doesn't happen.

All the why home I struggled with my internal dialogue.  I hadn't showered the night before since I knew I would shower after my swim but before church.  If I chose not to workout this morning, I would have to take two showers today- one before church and one after my workout later.  Who's to say I would even have motivation to workout later in the day?  I really needed to work out this morning if I planned to get anything in.

I got home and made a date with Jillian.  (30 minute date!)

I managed to get through it and more importantly I made it all the way through a whole minute of bicycle crunches at the end.  Usually I have to take a break in the middle of it.  I pushed hard to get through the minute.   In the end, I'm glad I just sucked it up and got my workout over with before church.

Not much else to share with everyone.  The rest of the day consisted of grocery shopping and cleaning our house!

I do have one picture to share.... my son when he doesn't get more of something he wants IMMEDIATELY!   He is so impatient.  I wanted to take a cute picture of him eating, but he was worried about how soon he would get his next bite of cookie!

I felt like this in the morning when I couldn't get into the pool!!!  

Have you ever had your exercise plans fall through and how did you convince yourself to to do a different workout?

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