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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16 and PROUD!

Can I just say that I am SO PROUD of myself!

My resolution this year was to be active every single day and I have done just that.  It has been a struggle some nights and I do have to work hard to not feel guilty about missing time with my kids some night and other days I have to work hard to exercise at a different time so that I can spend time with my kids and husband.  Hard work pays off though.  I've lost 9 pounds in 16 days and my clothes fit amazingly well.... or not.  They are too loose already in some places.  What a great realization!

Last night I was feeling really guilty because I had planned to go to lap swim from 8-9pm.  This is during the time that we are normally putting our kids to bed.  My husband was ok with it, but I just felt horrible.  However, when I got home I was irritated with everything my kids did and I was struggling to be a good mommy.  It made me feel even worse to think that I was going to leave to do something for myself.  It was then that I suddenly realized that exercise was exactly what I needed.  I need to do me.  I needed to relax and calm myself down.  Exercise is what I need for ME so that I can be a good mommy.  I went to lap swim, came home, and felt MUCH better.  While my kids might not appreciate it while it's happening, they will eventually enjoy a much better mommy!   I'm sure my husband will appreciate a less irritated me as well!  He's been so supportive of my exercise.  I leave him with the kids A LOT!  Thanks honey!

So here is what I have done each day:

Jan 1- 1.5 mile bike, 2 mile run
Jan 2- 2.5 mile run
Jan 3- strength training
Jan 4- 3.05 mile run
Jan 5- .33 mile swim
Jan 6- 4 mile run
Jan 7- strength training
Jan 8- 2 mile walk, 4 mile bike
Jan 9- 30 minute cardio DVD
Jan 10- 2 mile run, 3 mile bike
Jan 11- 3 mile bike
Jan 12- 3.5 mile run
Jan 13- .85 mile swim
Jan 14- 2 mile run, 3.2 mile bike
Jan 15- 1.14 mile swim

Wooooo hoooo!!  I feel great and I love exercising.  However, I do need to look at how to allow my body to rest.  I want to keep my resolution, so I just need to allow myself a "low-impact" day of exercise.  Instead of running, I need to pick one day a week and just walk as my exercise.  Walking is still exercise, but it will allow my body to relax and have some time to restore itself.

Today is day 16 and I am moving forward!

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