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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1

Ok, so day 1 is over.  Or, at least I am in bed and there will be no more eating.

I decided to make a resolution to be active every single day.  I alway wanted to have a running streak, but I just didn't feel like that was a good idea for me.  I could imagine myself getting hurt or over-doing it.  I decided that I could manage to be active each day.  I will run, walk, swim, bike, or do an exercise DVD each and every day.  If I run or walk, I need to do at least a mile.  If I swim or bike, it needs to be at least 20 minutes.  A DVD session needs to be 30 minutes or more.

Today I tried my new bike trainer.  I think it still needs some tweaking.  I don't know much about them, so I'm not even sure it's set up right.  My pedals seem to stick as I go around and I feel like I'm not pedaling smoothly.  I also need a riser for the front wheel.

After trying the trainer, I got on the 'mill and run just 2 miles.  It's been two weeks since my 1/2 and I want to start out carefully.  It was a very slow 2 miles, but I upped the incline a bit mid-way through and sprinted a few times.  I feel like it was a good start.

I did count every single calorie today and I was just under 1,300.  I had to derail my husband several times.  He promised to "diet" with me, but I'm sure his total was closer to 3000.  If I hadn't stepped in, it would have been 5000!  I don't know how he does it.  He doesn't gain nearly as easily as me.   Our kids wanted to go to our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, but I managed to convince them that they could have soup and breadsticks at home.  I LOVE OG sticks. YUM!  There is no way I had enough willpower on day 1 to say no, so I'm glad we didn't go there!

I even manage to not stress eat today.  My grandma passed away this morning.  She had been in a nursing home for awhile and was taken to hospice just a few days ago.  She was 92 and it was her time.  Rest in Peace Grandma A.

Well... I'm ready to sleep and I hope to have some better posts for you soon.

Happy Jan 1st!

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