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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Hubby Has a Problem

I am trying very hard to lose the last 20 pounds.  I have been overweight and unhealthy my whole life.  I finally found what works for me and I was doing really well.  I had lost 30-35 pounds (out of about 50 I needed to lose) and I was on a roll.  I did have several weeks where I slid back and needed to gain some momentum and I took a week off for vacation.  I've been working on the last 20 pounds for about 4 months now.   Please understand me when I say that I LOVE my hubby... I really do, but he has a major food problem.
pop and an icy

What I cleaned out of our fridge after just 1 week!

My husband LOVES food.  He loves to eat out and he loves large portions.  He swears he has cut back, but I haven't seen it.  In fact, while camping we made hamburgers and I had 1.  My hubby.... 3.5. Yes, almost 4 burgers!  I would have been sick.  The thing is, for most of his life he could eat that way and still stay skinny.  He has huge arm muscles.  Too bad he is now in his mid-thirties and it's not as easy to stay in shape.  He is getting a huge belly and his snoring has been so bad lately.  

I personally could care less how he looks in regards to weight.  What I am most concerned about is his health.  It is also very hard for me to stick to my calories when he constantly wants to go out or bring food home.  Most of the time I do pretty good saying no, but if I'm tired or stressed, it's all over!

Anyone else have a "toxic" hubby or friend/co-worker who makes it hard to stay on track?!


  1. I love my hubby too but, I can relate to this post in more ways than one.

  2. Just keep making healthy choices. I spent years running, eating well before my wife finally picked up on it. I never said anything to her about her weight, her food choices and lack of exercise. I just kept eating clean and running. Now she's run/walking 5Ks and eating better! Just hang in there, he'll come around.

  3. YES....I live with my boyfriend and he does not eat that well. He used to eat fast food every single day but luckily in the last year he has stopped because his body rejects it now. He gets sick every time! He is also a quadriplegic so I'm always worried about him being healthy because he already has health issues from his disability. I've started taking over making his lunches and dinners and sneaking healthy stuff in...he just eats it and says thank you :) Hopefully your good habits will rub off!!

  4. My husband barely tips the scales at 135 lbs, and he eats like he's 300+, while I'm working my way to a 100-lb weight loss that has taken years. It's really hard. He's seen me struggle with good/bad food choices, and he knows he's more than just a little tempting for me with his own diet. It's taken some time, but he's slowly learning how to replace food "treats" with non-food, more supportive "treats" like massages or race entries.

    I think something we all have to remember is that we fell in love with our life partners for who they were then, not for who we want them to be or who they might become XXX time down the road. Inevitably, people will change (for better and worse), but we sign up for those changes when we make vows to stay together.

    My co-worker, a part-time personal trainer, has told me he's seen many partners unintentionally sabotage his clients' diet and training plans, and that it's hard to confront them about it. Our partners don't want to see that they're making things harder for us, and we may not want to put so much responsibility for our actions on them; but we have to admit the reality. We have to tell the ones we love how influential they are for the good along with the bad. It takes time to train ourselves to make good decisions, and it's even harder when we have to train loved ones on exactly how to be supportive along the way. But doing that hard work is best for everyone in the end.

    1. Very good point! I have tired numerous times to talk to my hubby about it and he is generally supportive of my exercise/diet and says he gets it. He even says he wants to do what I am doing.... but I'm not really sure he really does GET how hard it is for me. It's been easy for him his whole life and he is just now adjusting to the idea that he may need to actually watch what he eats/exercise in order to be healthy. I'm working on it with him (in a polite way!) and I hope he will come along soon. Thanks for reading!!

  5. oh man I feel the same way. My hubby eats like a 12 year old in puberty and I realized I was eating similar to him. I'm trying hard to be better but it totally sucks that he can eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's and he is fine and I eat 4 spoons and feel like it is a set back,lol

  6. I live in a house of people like this. I do my best to stay on track for my breakfast and lunch meals as well as snacks. Dinner is another's hard and while I am not really focused on weight loss right now, I wouldn't hate it if I could lose the last little bit. On the flip side I think I have helped to inspire a friend at work to start making changes in her eating and she has started exercising. So I am building at least some support. Good luck!

  7. I'm fairly lucky in that my wife and I are on the same page regarding what we eat. We both take turns in the kitchen (although she is a much better cook), and we generally eat pretty healthy.

    I think you're right to be concerned about his overall health. A diet that consists of the foods you showed in your pictures is going to catch up to him eventually. I know this is easier said than done, but he really should cut that out of his diet - for his own health and as an example to your kids.