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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still in Pain

I hate to be a Debbie (sorry to all of you named Debbie!) Downer... I wish I had something exciting to share or something wonderful to report.  I just don't.

The x-rays did not show a stress fracture so I was sent for a bone scan today.  The bone scan showed nothing.  It is so frustrating to have no more answers than I did before.  While I should be excited that there isn't a fracture, I'm not.  I'm not because I'm in so much pain and I have no idea why.  I'd like to have an answer.  My foot hurts so much that I often have to fall to the floor crying in pain.  Even as I sit here and type this, my foot is throbbing and the pain is pretty strong.

My doctor's call was like, "yay!  No stress fracture, you can go back to training."  I felt deflated.  I can barely walk, much less train.  Just because he tells me that they found nothing wrong doesn't mean the pain suddenly goes away.  He did offer to send me to a podiatrist to further explore the pain.  Who knows how soon I'll get in to see her.  Even if I do get in to see her, I'm not sure she will know what else to offer me.

I guess I will just rest my foot until it starts to feel better?

Anyone have any encouraging words for someone who is down and out from something like this?  What would you do?

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