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Monday, July 1, 2013

My plans...

I can't think of a title, so I'm sorry if that's really lame-o.

I've been doing pretty decent with my training.  My plan is to not follow a plan.  Normally I'm a plan kind of girl, but I'm signed up for so many "different" things that I was going crazy trying to mesh all of the "plans" that should be in place.  Make sense?

Upcoming races:
July 28th- Sylvania's Women's only Tri
August 18- Vermilion Sprint Tri (I decided to downgrade to the sprint until I'm more comfortable)
September 22- Detroit Women's Half Marathon
October- Columbus Half Marathon????

I'm still debating on the last one.  We love to visit friends in Columbus and I think if we can make it work, hubby will take that Saturday off and we will head down for the weekend on Friday night.

So, really, I should be training for the half marathons, but I need to work in the tri training too.  Since the swims really depend on the weather and my work scheduled (due to the pool only being open during certain times and the open water swims being available only on certain dates), I have to make sure I do them when I can.  I'd like to swim more, but it's hard to work it in.  I need to practice biking outside since the wind is what I need to learn to deal with, but it's often too late at night when I am able to fit it in. you can see above, I don't really have a plan.  I do what I can, when I can!  I try to get at least 2 bike rides of an hour or so a week.  I try to run 3 times a week.  I try to get at least one brick (bike/run) in a week.  I try to swim 2 times a week...more if possible.  When this all works into the week and what distances I do depend on time, how I feel, and who I have with me!!!!

It's the best I can do.

I can say that I've been doing some longer runs with friends (8 miles this last Sunday).

Some issues have come up- Remember when I posted the pictures of my bruises from my bike crash.  Well, my left elbow is still sore and I notice more pain and numbness after swimming or longer runs.  I feel the pain and numbness run down my arm and into my pinky when I pull water in swimming.  Running just makes it sore and tired feeling.

I've been icing it when I can and wearing a brace when I sleep to isolate it.  From my oh-so-technical googling, I think I have a pinched nerve because the symptoms seem to match.  My pinky and about 1/2 of my ring finger are tingly and somewhat numb.  The pain runs down my arm into my fingers.  I'm not sure if I should get someone to check it out.  There isn't much anyone can do for it.  If anything, I should be taking anti-inflamatories for it.  Sigh...... least my arm doesn't keep me from training.  I can swim even though it's sore.   When swimming, the major pain mainly comes AFTER.

Apparently I can rationalize everything- if it isn't too painful DURING the exercise, it must be ok to continue to do it huh?!?!  Just call me Doctor!!!!

So there- my plan is to have no plan and to just do it!

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