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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Husband's 2nd Addiction!

WARNING- non-sports related post- JUST FOR FUN!

So I already posted about my husband's addiction to all things caloric, but I realized that he also has other addictions.  I think he just has a personality that keeps him focused on a few things he really loves.  THANKFULLY, none of his addictions are drug, alcohol, or abuse related.  If you or anyone you know is in one of those situations, my heart goes out to you.  I've seen first hand how that can destroy relationships and families!  Please seek help.

So, PLEASE know that while I make fun of Hubby for his quirks, I realize that it could be much worse.

On with the post-

Yesterday, I came home to find this waiting by the garage:

Which would be absolutely great if there were running shoes, bike parts, or a wetsuit in one of them.  Alas, I knew I hadn't ordered anything.  

My next step was to text hubby this picture with the following, "Really?  I think your ebay addiction has gotten a little out of hand, don't you?"

To which he replied, "Maybe.... I love you!"

You see, my husband has found the ebay app on his phone and he is on it ALL THE TIME.  Like, so much, that I feel like he is having an affair with ebay.  While other women are suspicious of their man's texting time on their phone, I know my hubby is just ebaying.  

My husband loves all things comic related.  When we bought our house, the room that "sold" him was a bed room with built in shelves that he deemed HIS comic room.  When baby #3 surprised us, he decided it was much better to have the two girls share a room with a bunk bed than for him to give up his comic room.  We have a 4 bedroom house and our girls share a room!  While most people would think that is selfish, please know that my girls WANTED to share a room- I fully expect that to change when they are teens.  Look out comic books!  

So, all in good fun- here is his comic room:

Shelves of action figures

the built in shelves of boxed figures, swords, and dragons

a magazine rack (notice the black out curtains in the back that keep the sun from fading the comics)

wall shelves (IKEA!) that we put up for his special comics

a glass case of his action figures

And while I spend a decent amount of money on my hobby of triathlons and running....  I can honestly say that I think his addictive personality wins out!  

Anyone else have a spouse who collects something and it seems to get out of hand?  Or do you??

Comments are LOVED!


  1. Wow, that's quite a collection! I collect a few things but nothing like that. Well, I do love to read so we have a library instead of a formal living room.

  2. Ha, but we cant laugh, with all our gear, we can give him a run for his money, at least his stuff is organized, I have a "generally idea" where certain gear is